Senin, 28 November 2011

Why are Women More Often Nightmares?

Women were more frequent nightmares than men. In a recent study revealed that only 19 percent of men who experience fewer nightmares than women are 30 percent.

The difference is partly due to female hormones that trigger changes in body temperature. Berpengaru hormones in the menstrual cycle also trigger more vivid dreams and it looks amazing.

Dreams are basically derived from the limbic system, a primitive area of ​​the brain that are responsible for strong emotions. When we sleep, the brain area this will clear things that we experience throughout the day. This process results in dreams and nightmares.

There are different types of nightmares that we can experience, but in general a person would feel restless during sleep as she dreamed of being chased monsters, ghost, or a frightening stranger.

Another nightmare include tooth loss, a sudden you are in front of crowds with naked condition, falling from tall buildings, the dream died, or pursue something until exhaustion.

According to experts, a person tends to experience living nightmare when they are stressed, have a problem with other people, feel helpless, and felt the work undertaken is never perfect.

Here are the 5 most common dream themes experienced by someone.

1. Dream of flying or hovering high

Meaning: You are going through a period of positive change. This dream can also mean that you have to improve certain abilities that had been lacking or perceived to be weaknesses.

2. Adjacent to famous people, coworkers, friends or lovers

Meaning of Dreams is a symbol of the hidden desires that dare not you want in the real world.

3. Obtaining money or jewelry

Meaning: This can be a symbol of something good that happened to you and not always related to money. It might be "wealth" emotional, such as felt lucky to have a good friend or partner.

4. Achievement in school

Meaning: Although you are not a school but occasionally we dreamed of being in a school. This could be a sign you're dealing with someone who must be satisfied by the achievement, in the office can boss, friend, or spouse.

5. Looking beautiful or handsome

Meaning: This dream could mean that you actually really want a perfect way. Or it could be you unconsciously believe that actually has a personality of exceptional quality.

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