Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Foods to prevent cancer

Foods to prevent cancer - These are some kinds of foods to prevent cancer:

1. Vegetable
Our parents always said that we must eat many vegetables. In fact that word has much benefit for us. Mainly green vegetable (more dark more good) has much antioxidant substance (be opposed to poison), such as beta-carotene.

It also proved that if you eat much vegetable, it can decrease cancer attack to your health. So, if we know this fact, why are we must search and use expensive medicine? Vegetable is much cheaper and easier for us to get it. Besides vegetables, onion, white or red onion has much benefit for our healthy, because it has much substance to prevent cancer.

2. Fruits
Fruits is very good for someone who suffered cancer, also for healthy person to prevent this dangerous illness. Be sides, fruit has much vitamin A, E and C that has function to attack cancer. Fruits that suggested attacking cancer are tomato, star fruit, carrot, and apple.

3. Fermented soybean (Tempeh) and Tofu
Why tempeh and tofu are is really good for preventing cancer? Because soybean is materials of tofu and tempeh has be opposed to cancer compound. Soybean also can blocked estrogen work. This hormone is enough good for growing cancer illness. Soybean isn’t jus has be opposed cancer compound, but also can kill cancer cells or blocked metastases.

4. Green Tea
Actually, not just green tea that has a function to prevent cancer, black tea and oolong tea are also has some benefit. But green tea has best be opposed cancer substance and most potential to fight against cancer.
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