Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Eating Ice Cream Without Make You Fat

Eating Ice Cream Without Make You Fat - The content of milk or coconut milk is high enough in the ice cream often make women think a few times to enjoy ice cream. Milk, coconut milk, and sugar that is high enough it is feared it would disrupt the diet program, so you have to fight hard to resist the temptation of ice cream.

"Diet is actually created to make us healthier, not to torture us physically," said Chef Sandra Djohan to Compass Female, while Wall's events held at the Restaurant Demat Dung Dung, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (10/1/2012). Eating ice cream can be a recreation or a reward to yourself for a variety of success you achieve, because according to Sandra ice cream is like heaven in mouth. "Taste is delicious, the cold, and a soft texture, making the ice cream becomes a reward for yourself," he said.

Actually, okay to eat ice cream while dieting. That must be considered is the amount or dose per sajinya, and the frequency you enjoy ice cream. "For me, when the diet does not need to avoid ice cream, but the most important thing is to be very clever to combine food and solid match," beber graduate of Le Cordon Bleu chef, Paris, is. Read also: Coffee Reduce Risk of Depression

In addition, note also the type of diet is done, and adjust your calorie needs per day. In general, women need about 2000-2200 calories per day to provide energy. To avoid excessive caloric intake during the diet, should reduce the consumption of carbohydrates from rice, and use a few grams of ice cream to complete it.

"Suppose you eat about 150 grams of rice, then in order to keep the road diet but still can eat ice cream, should reduce the amount of rice consumed, and fill with a couple tablespoons of ice cream," he added. For the diet should select the type of ice cream that taste the fruit, because it can meet the needs of vitamins as well as fiber for health, although the numbers are certainly not as much as whole fruit. When you're dieting, you can enjoy ice cream with a dose of about 25-35 grams per day. According to figures nutritional adequacy, in 25 grams of ice cream there are about 51.75 calories, fat 3.125 g, 2 g protein, and carbohydrates 5, 15 gr.

But for the more launch a diet, you should select ice cream containing low-fat milk, and reduced high-fat toppings such as caramel and sugar, biscuits, and cream. "Best ice cream consumption is between 2-3 times a week, so you do not torture because it's forbidden to eat ice cream," he added.

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