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The Risk of Wearing "bra"

the risk of wearing "bra" - female breast consists of fat and glandular tissue that has no bones, the spine is the jib. If you do not choose the breast with the right crutch, in this bra, the burden of your spine worse. The body was bent and posture become disproportionate.

Doctors of chiropractic (spinal cord and nerve specialist), Dr. Rosalina Magieline of Citralife, describes a simple way to recognize your posture disproportionate.
Notice the right shoulder and your left when standing. If not balanced, one higher than the others, it means your posture asymmetric or disproportionate. Checks can also be done through the ear. Try standing without shoes, asking help from others observing you, if your right ear is shorter than the left ear, or vice versa, is also another sign. Asymmetrical posture is one of them is also influenced by factors that do not support the right breast.

"Breasts are not well supported will increase the workload of the spine, which serves to support the entire body. Especially for big women or big breasted. The greater the burden of breast spine also getting bigger," explained the woman who was familiarly called Dr. Magie was to Female Compass on the sidelines of the Right Support Weekend by Sorella in Gandaria City, Saturday (07/01/2012).

The habit of wearing a bra
Dr. Magie explains, habits and perceptions of women who mistakenly associated bras pose some risk. For example, felt no need to wear a bra while at home, but the intensity level of activity is high, such as doing housework. Then wear the wrong bra, not to size, and let it although often feel uncomfortable.

"The housewife who daily at home also need to wear the right bra for high intensity activities. In doing daily activities, the breasts need proper support. If it does not, posture becomes asymmetrical or disproportionate because there is a change of curvature of the spine due to use as a support bra that is not right breast is left constantly, "he explained.

Long-term risk
Use a bra that is not right, if continuously left, pose a risk of mild-to-long term. Because the breast is not well supported, over time will occur behind the neck muscle disorders, neck down, and the waist up.

This risk arises from changes in curvature of the spine as the support of the breast. "If the curvature is not normal, bent body, the nerves are there among these spinal nerves will be squeezed because the holes shrink due to a curved spine before," said Dr. Magie.

Do not be surprised, if you often experience headaches, tingling in hands, pain in hands and back, or even often feel like colds that occur repeatedly. If all of these symptoms are also accompanied by an increasingly hunched posture, curvature of the spine that is not normal, it could be, the cause because you are wearing the wrong bra size.

Dr. Magie acknowledged, a number of problems in the spine that are often experienced by female patients is related to the use of the wrong bra. "Indeed, disorders of the spine does not necessarily directly related to the use of a bra. The medical team must consider and examine more thoroughly. If the therapy is carried out there was no change, could be a problem related to breast support is not good. After checking thoroughly, I often advised to re-examine whether the use was proper bra size, "he admits.

Dr. Magie said, the awareness to use a bra with good and true is still low. It was acquired from the incomprehension of his patients who tend not aware of any relationship of spinal disorders with the use of the wrong bra. Spinal problems caused by breast support was appropriate.

Recognize early symptoms
To avoid long-term impact of supporting the use of breast (bra) that is not right, you can begin to recognize the early symptoms. Recurring soreness, pain in the back of the body that is not improved even if you're massaging, the first signs. When a complaint like that keeps recurring, it could be something wrong with the spinal nerves and even, not just muscle stiffness alone, said Dr. Magie.

"People Indonesia tend to be curative, treat the sick, not preventive," he admits. He added, if the complaint appears repeatedly in the back of the body, can actually be screened. That way, various diseases can be known and may be done early preventive measures or at least avoid the risk of more fatal.

Because, may be the cause of back pain and other spinal problems is the impact of the wrong habits when choosing and wearing a bra.

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