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Kamis, 29 September 2011

Coffee Reduce Risk of Depression

Hobbies sipping coffee was beneficial for mental health. Research shows women who like coffee had a lower risk to suffer depression than women who do not have a coffee or just a cup of coffee a day.

Although still too early to recommend coffee habits in order to prevent depression, but research results are published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine that can at least reduce the guilt of coffee addicts.

"The results of this research could reduce the negative image of coffee consumption. Caffeine in high doses has been associated with symptoms of anxiety and other psychiatric illnesses, so many experts recommend to reduce the coffee," said Dr.Christopher Cargile, a psychiatrist from Texas who was not involved in the research this.

About 80 percent of the caffeine in the world is consumed in the form of coffee. Caffeine itself is a nervous system stimulant most widely used. Research shows caffeine effect on heart health, inflammation and cancer. But few researchers who are interested in knowing the effects of caffeine on mood.

"In the short term caffeine has a positive effect on mood, increase energy and make us instantly awake. Because it's interesting to know what the effect in the long run," said senior researcher Dr.Alberto Ascherio, associate professor of epidemiology and nutrition from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.

In a study involving 51 000 women, average age 63 years, the researchers followed their health. At the beginning of the study, none of the respondents who reported suffering from depression or taking antidepressants.

The women who consumed four cups of coffee per day reduced the risk for depression 20 percent, while eating two to three cups, the risk dropped 15 percent compared with a cup of coffee every day. Read also Fruit and vitamin reliever tired.

"Caffeine has the effect of the release of several neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin. It was certainly influential in setting the mood and depression," said Ascherio who is also a lecturer at Harvard Medical School.

Even so the actual long-term effects of caffeine is unknown. "If caffeine has an antidepressant effect, we can take the content of the most powerful effect in driving depression," he said.

Rabu, 21 September 2011

Fruit and vitamin relievers tired

The high level of activity every day to make most people become susceptible to fatigue. The high levels of stress or the impact of caffeine use can also cause short-term fatigue. Read also 5 effect of healthy apples.

Fatigue does not only cause drowsiness, but can also lead to more serious chronic condition in which in this case you should immediately consult a doctor. Here are adalag several types of vitamins contained in certain types of fruit that can help in getting back your energy:

1. Vitamin A

Give a small fruit with big benefits, because they contain lots of antioxidants and of course a source of energy. According to MedlinePlus, carbohydrate is the largest source of energy for the body, and the majority of calories contained in the berries come from carbohydrates.

In addition, berries such as loganberries, blueberries and rich boysenberries vitaminn A that helps the body maintain healthy tissues, and dr. Susan M. Lark said in The Menopause Self Help Book, that vitamin A is one of the vitamins and minerals that help eliminate fatigue. In addition, give also rich in folic acid and vitamin C.

2. Vitamin C

According to experts from the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), Vitamin C helps fight chronic fatigue by increasing endurance. Vitamin C also can support the immune system. Another positive impact of vitamin C is able to fight fatigue that plagued you.

UMMC mengasup recommends vitamin C as much as 250 milligrams to 500 milligrams twice daily to help boost energy levels. Various types of fruits such as strawberries, oranges, and guava are good sources of vitamin C is best for the body. A cup full of strawberry juice contains approximately 85 milligrams of vitamin C and a medium-sized orange contains 70 milligrams of vitamin C, whereas a cup of guava juice contains vitamin C of 350 milligrams. Other fruits that also contain vitamin C, among others, passion fruit, kiwi, lemon, and grapefruit. 3. Vitamin B

Vitamin B is also a type of vitamin that can help you overcome problems of psychological symptoms associated with fatigue, such as feelings of sadness and lack of motivation, by helping the brain to produce chemicals such as serotonin which can directly affect the mood or mood.

Vitamin B is most helpful in combating fatigue, among others, pyridoxine or vitamin B6; thiamine or vitamin B1; pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, and biotin or B7. In addition, dr. Lark explained that this type of copy B vitamins work together to perform basic metabolic functions that regulate the level of vitality and energy of your body.

B vitamins help your body convert food into fuel that generates energy. Discover the types of these vitamins in fruits such as avocados, bananas, dates, guava, lychee, mango, pomegranate, and passion fruit.

To balance, do not forget to drinking lots of fluids, reduce your stress level, and the rest. If two or more weeks you still feel tired, Mayo Clinic advise you to consult with a physician. You should immediately seek medical help if your fatigue is accompanied by mild dizziness, shortness of breath, rapid heart beats, or chest pain.

5 Effect of Healthy Apples

Not excessive if there is a saying "An apple a day will be the separation between the Doctor", since apple has great health benefits. Delicious fruit consumed in whatever form it has nutrients that are important so that no less with the other super fruits like goji berries or pomegranate. What are the benefits of apples?

1. Energy sources

Medium-sized apple contains about four grams of fiber and 95 calories so it fits into a sweet and filling snack. Other advantages, by eating an apple you have to meet quotas that must be diasup fruit every day. Apples are also a source of vitamin C (containing 14 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C) that will enhance the body's immune.

2. Lose weight For those who do not want to gain weight, change your snack with a piece of apple fruit. Research shows women who eat apples every day for a year dry-weight and lower cholesterol levels. Scientists from Florida State University found that antioxidants in apples and pectin plays an important role in slimming effect owned by apple.

3. Heart healthy

The results of Iowa Women's Health Study mentions apples associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. This was based on research involving over 34,000 women for 20 years.

Other studies also gave similar results, the habit of eating apples reduces the risk of stroke. It happened because the content of antioxidants in apples help prevent bad cholesterol oxidized and cause inflammation.

4. Prevent metabolic syndrome

People who regularly consume apples more often affected by metabolic syndrome, a collection of symptoms that increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Apple fans also had higher levels of C-reactive protein (inflammation marker) was lower.

5. Increases stamina sports

Consumption of an apple before exercise to increase endurance. Apples have antioxidant called quercetin, which increases stamina by making more oxygen absorbed by the lungs. Other studies have shown that supplements containing quercetin will help cyclists pedaled longer.

Selasa, 20 September 2011

Hot Air Could Damage Drugs.

Hot Air Could Damage Drugs.- When you look at drug packaging is usually listed in an alert and drug store in a cool and distant from the sun. The warning is not without reason because the drugs can be damaged by air that is too hot. Read also Infant Formula Will Review for All Bacterial Contamination

In a study conducted by a team of investigators from the Drug Information Service from Butler University, known to the air temperature above 30 degrees centigrade may damage the active ingredients in drugs.

According Dr.Amy Peak, clinical pharmacists who conducted this research, several drugs that are vulnerable to heat, among others, insulin, thyroid hormone, a drug associated with aerosols, inhalers, and many more.

Although some drug manufacturers claim their products can survive in temperatures above 30 degrees, but you should still keep the drugs in the box away from heat.

If you take medication while traveling, keep it in the cabin and not in the trunk. Do not leave medicine in the car which was parked in the car, because temperatures can reach 71 degrees.

Consider Intake of Folate, Not Excess.

Consider Intake of Folate, Not Excess - Folic acid or folate is one component in vitamin B. Its presence is very important for health, especially for women who plan to become pregnant and pregnant young.

Folate is good for pregnant women because it can reduce the risk of birth defects such as spina bifida (cleft spine). According to Mark Lawrence, Associate Professor, Public Health Nutrition at Deakin University, folate intake is basically good for health. But be aware of the amount not to overdo it. He said that would threaten the health problems if the folate intake of more than 1000 mcg per day.

"Folate is essential for health and as a water-soluble vitamins, may not be excessive intake. But because folic acid is now added to many foods such as cereals, juices, breads, supplements of folic acid and multivitamin supplements containing folic acid, you can get too much, "said Lawrence.

Lawrence said the most important thing now is to be done to find out how much folic acid you consume is to read nutrition labels listed on food products and vitamins.

Here is some risk that excessive intake of folate for the body:

Folate and men

A 2009 study involving 643 volunteers found that those who consumed 1 milligram folate supplements every day more than two times higher risk of prostate cancer. Researchers estimate, the use of folate for 10 years in men makes them more at risk of prostate cancer than men taking placebo.

Breast Cancer

Studin in 2006 to women in Canada found that those who had higher folate intake mengalamo peningkatab breast cancer risk by 32 percent.

"Most women can meet their folate needs through a balanced diet. Some women may be advised to take supplements based on health needs of each individual and should continue to eat them as a dose that has been determined," said dr. Helen Zorbas, chief executive of the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre. Read also Antibiotics and immune for children.

Children with asthma

Folate is essential in early pregnancy but the use of high doses during pregnancy also can be bad. A study by experts at the University of Adelaide on 550 pregnant women found that women who continued taking folate during pregnancy, 30 percent higher risk of having a child with asthma.

Meanwhile, Associate Professor Michael Davies, who led the study recommends, pregnant women should consult with your doctor about how much and how long it should take folate.

Senin, 19 September 2011

Antibiotics and Immune for Children

Antibiotics and Immune Child- Reviews about the importance of rational use of antibiotics to children has been frequently discussed. But the side effect was discovered only limited effects of germ resistance. In fact, the overuse of antibiotics can lead to chronic disease. Read also Food for Baby 6 months.

"The use of antibiotics that are not rational thought to be triggered many cases of obesity, type 1 diabetes, allergies and asthma, which now number more than doubled," said Martin Blaser, professor of microbiology from New York University Langone Medical Center, USA.

Humans are also often called meta-organisms, because of the large number and volume of microbes that live in our bodies. They live in the intestines, skin, even the navel.

Research shows that many microbes that provide health benefits, such as helping the body get the vitamins K, energy, and prevent the onset of autoimmune diseases.

Meanwhile, an antibiotic that is derived from anti and bios (life, life), means a substance that can kill and weaken a living creature, ie, micro-organisms such as bacteria, parasites, or fungi. But he did not kill the virus.

Antibiotics are miracle drugs, and he has contributed to increased human life expectancy. Unfortunately, doctors often prescribe antibiotics easily, including for diseases caused by viruses.

Blasser decades researching the bacteria found, irrational use of antibiotics which give a greater impact but less recognized, namely changing the microbial community in the body.

Allegations were reinforced by a study in 2010 that found antiotik causes changes in gut microbial populations drastically and will never be back to normal. Other research shows super antibiotics causes bacteria in the body that can last up to 3 years.

According Blesser, in the 21st century, the bacteria that had been living in the intestines of humans thousands of years ago now the number is less than 6 percent. The study was conducted in children in developed countries like the U.S., Sweden and Germany.

Research shows the use amoxilin, can remove 20-50 percent of the bacteria H. pylori. The effect, colon cancer is now rarely found. But diseases such as cancer of the esophagus and reflux improved dramatically.

"It had something to do with the reduction in H.pylori bacteria that actually protect the esophagus. Impaired balance of these bacteria also cause a person more susceptible to asthma and allergies," he said.

Women born in the 1940s, populations of bacteria in the body is still normal because at that time only known two types of antibiotics. If they had a daughter, chances are good the number of bacteria decreased slightly, but the grandchildren and great-grandson, dwindling again.

"Every generation has a number of bacteria that fewer and fewer. I am not suggesting that being anti on antibiotics but physicians should be wise to look at the benefits and disadvantages of prescribing antibiotics," he said.