Selasa, 24 Mei 2011


Here is a gift of food for children aged 6 months.

1. Breastfeeding forwarded, given alternately from both breasts

2. Babies were introduced by MP-ASI finely pulverized form because the baby already has a reflex chewing. Sample MP-ASI subtle form such as: milk porridge, biscuits plus water or milk, bananas and papayas are crushed. Give for the first time one type of MP-ASI, such as mashed bananas. Give a little by little starting with the number of 1-2 tablespoons, 1-2 times daily. Provide for a fixed number of days, then can be given a new type of MP-ASI others.

3. Keep in mind every time I give breast milk first and MP-ASI, ASI utilized to the fullest extent. MP-ASI is given as a liquid with a spoon, do not ever use a bottle and pacifier. The use of bottles and teats risky than can also cause infant / child diarrhea that can lead to ear infections.

4. Giving MP-ASI with bottles and teats for children under two years while sleeping can cause middle ear infection, if the MP-ASI enter the middle chamber.

5. Introducing new foods to infants, not forced. If the baby is difficult to accept, repeat the gift at the time the baby is hungry, little by little with patience, until the baby is accustomed to the taste of food.


Continue breastfeeding
Give breast milk first, the new MP-ASI
Give mashed foods 1-2 times daily

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